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A great family law attorney helps solve problems, not create them.

After a fourteen-year career working directly with Judges in the Probate and Family Court, Attorney Burns has built a repertoire of professional relationships, persuasive arguments and methodologies to efficiently navigate the court system. Realistic expectations and practical solutions are the hallmark of the legal representation clients receive from Attorney Burns. Whether utilized in the context of litigation or mediation, Attorney Burns helps clients find fair and just resolutions to their legal problems.

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Areas of Practice



Many people have a misconception that obtaining a divorce will be a long drawn-out process. For the majority of people, this is not the case.



A Petition for Guardianship of a Minor is a court action where a petitioner is seeking to establish that neither of the child’s parents are fit to care for the child and a guardian must be appointed to protect a child.



A Complaint to Establish Paternity is a court action where either a biological mother, a man, or the Department of Revenue on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is seeking to adjudicate a particular man as the biological father of a child and then establish parenting rights and responsibilities.



A Complaint for Modification is a court action where one party is seeking to modify the terms of a prior court Judgment. Some terms of a prior Judgment are potentially modifiable while others are not.



A Complaint for Contempt is a court action where one party is asserting that the other party has violated the terms of an existing court order and they are seeking enforcement of the court order.


When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.
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